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In most situations, less is usually more

In a beauty world filled with constant noise and ever-changing trends, we're focused on simplifying routines that you'll actually enjoy doing.

Our viral Gua Sha

We make your skin glow, jawline snatched, lymph fluid flowing and facial tension melt away with our best-selling Gua Sha shape.


“So in love! I’ve been using these two oils now for a while and I can’t get enough! The texture of the oil itself is so smooth and luxurious!"

– Meli

"Love this! I have seen a clear difference in my skin ever since I started using the gua sha. My skin is clearer and more radiant."

– Israa J

"Dreamy scent! Beautiful perfume! The smell is just divine. Not over powering, just delicate and feminine."

– Miya


Cleansing oil, reimagined

Meet the ultimate skin superhero: a cleanser that works overtime to feed your skin of essential nutrients while removing all of the make-up, excess oil, pollutants, and grime from the day. Trust us, your skin will feel instantly restored.


Wellness is found in the little things we do each day to take care of ourselves

We help you cultivate habits that make you feel balanced, centered, and content with yourself.

Hi gorgeous,

At Nusa Holistick we're all about timeless skincare and wellness essentials, carefully crafted with ingredients that nourish, scents from the heart of the natural world, textures that make your senses swoon, with results that you can see and feel.

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