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Gua Sha Tool - HOLISTICK

Stone colours may vary due to the natural variations in the Jade stone


Gua Sha + Mini Facial Oil Duo Set

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Based on Chinese and Indonesian rituals, our 4-sided Gua Sha helps to make your skin glow, jawline snatched, lymph fluid flowing and facial tension melt away. It's multi-purpose shape that can be used on your face, scalp and body. This uniquely designed Gua Sha is making waves on Tik Tok and Instagram, having sold out a remarkable 5 times. It's simple to use, get started today by pairing the Gua Sha with our Mini Facial Oil Duo Set.

Jade Stone
Pouch Included
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Stone colours may vary due to the natural variations in the Jade stone


  • Long side: sculpt and define the natural curves of your face, promote lymphatic drainage, de-puff and reduce excess fluid build-up
  • Heart-shaped side: contour and lift the face, massage and soften fine lines and wrinkles, relieve facial tension
  • Pointy side: apply acupressure to release tightness, relax facial muscles, stimulate pressure points
  • Teeth side: promote blood circulation for glowing skin, massage forehead and scalp area, increase blood flow for plump, youthful skin
Gua Sha + Mini Facial Oil Duo Set - Nusa Holistick


Bulan Nourishing Facial Oil Benefits (p.m routine):

  • rich in antioxidants like vitamin A, C, E and K
  • deeply moisturizing, locks in hydration, and keeps the skin supple and smooth
  • replenishes skin almost immediately after use, keeps it nourished and healthy

Matahari Youthful Facial Oil Benefits (a.m routine):

  • features rare botanicals that are renowned for its anti-aging protection
  • brightens skin, evens out skin tone, gives you an instant glow
  • promotes cell turnover and supports healthy skin regeneration

Customer Reviews

Based on 189 reviews
Ally J.

This is by far my favorite gua sha tool ever and I’ve tried a lot of them. I honestly noticed a difference after two weeks. I actually hate I didn’t take a before and after picture. But I’m going to take one now and if I can update my review later I’ll show my before and after in like a couple of months or just write I new review to show the difference. But overall, a great product! And I never write reviews unless I absolutely love or hate a product. So if you are questioning if you should buy, I would definitely give it a try, and also watch all the tutorial videos on IG!

Nicole S
Love this Gua Sha Tool!

Absolutely loving my new Gua Sha Tool! The added curves and specific edges do an amazing job! Thank you for making such an innovated tool!

Hina Bawany
Great design!

I have been using gua sha for a long time but this design is amazing! Perfect for my small face. The only reason I have it 4 stars because it doesn’t give me a cooling effect in the morning unless like the other tools I have used in the past I put it in the refrigerator.

Elisabeth Genta
Gua sha perfection

I love this tool! So easy to use and even more effective. Love love love it

love this gua sha tool

this gua sha tool fits so well in my hand and it's large enough so that i can hold it comfortably while using it. i don't think i need any other gua sha tool other than this one now!