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Holistick Jade Gua Sha to sculpt and lift your face

Roll away stress for glowing skin

The best facial tools, what they do and how to use them.

This last few years was a lot. While mostly crazy, many ways of coping with stress evolved, and the importance of skincare became a major focus. You can scroll on any social media platform and find an influencer showing off their favourite products. But, what the heck are those tools they're using to rub product in? Facial rollers, cooling globes and gua sha have popped back into the skincare world, with their benefits being greatly questioned. Can rubbing a rock on your face actually prevent wrinkles and give you a snatched jawline? If so, sign me up! Let's talk about the different tools, what they do, how to use them and what benefits - if any - they have.

Gua Sha

A girl using Holistick Gua Sha to lift and sculpt her face

Based on the medicinal practice of skin scraping, Gua Sha contours the face and helps kick your body’s natural healing processes into action. Used as a deep tissue massage, those who use the gua sha tool have noticed a reduction in wrinkles, puffiness and a more toned look in their jawline and cheekbones. It is advised to use this tool a few times a week, as it is slightly more intense than its counterpart jade roller. Gua Sha is known to help alleviate tension and you can almost literally smooth away your stress with the sensation. A great way to incorporate self care with a calming facial massage while also carving out cheekbones that models would envy.

How to use: similarly to the jade roller, guide the gua sha tool upwards on your face, making sure to contour the jawline and cheekbones especially. Be gentle with yourself! No need to dig it in. Use a facial oil (such as Holistick’s Bulan or Matahari oils) to help the tool glide along.


Jade Rollers

Jade Rollers to depuff your face

Jade rollers have become really popular over the last few years, with an affordable price tag for anyone to give it a try. These rollers date back centuries in Chinese medicinal practices. Jade is thought to be able to draw out negative energy, which I think we all need right about now. The stone stays nice and cool to the touch which then helps brighten dull-looking skin and reduce any puffiness. This type of roller promotes lymphatic drainage and can help your skincare products melt into the skin faster, giving your skin a healthy glow from the inside-out.

How to use: the best way to use this roller is to roll upwards in one direction. Make sure to get your jawline, cheeks, under the eyes and the forehead. You can even use it on your neck for a more extensive massage.


Cooling Globes
Pink Ice Globes to depuff your face

There was a time, way back when, when we would put spoons in the freezer and then press them under our eyes to make it appear that we had a solid night’s rest. Now, that innovation has morphed into cooling globes. An ice massage has shown many benefits to the skin as it reduces inflammation and makes the skin barrier appear tighter and almost glass-like. This tool jumpstarts your circulation almost immediately and you can see the differences more quickly than other tools. However, don’t use these too often or for too long as the cold can damage skin cells with over usage.

How to use: Store in a fridge to keep them cool. Gently massage the globes around your face, focusing on areas that tend to be more puffy. Indulge in that cooling massage and show off glowing skin.

Reduced wrinkling, disappearing redness and less stress with glowing skin is within our reach. At the end of the day, these tools can be incorporated into your skincare routine because they just feel good! They’re relaxing and cooling and for a moment, you’re transported into a mini spa moment. Become your own skincare pro without breaking the bank.

By: Kristin Bateman
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