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5 Reasons to Use Holistick’s Bulan and Matahari Botanical Facial Oils

5 Reasons to Use Holistick’s Bulan and Matahari Botanical Facial Oils

 Skincare is all the rage right now, but do you know exactly what’s in it? Many products are filled with ingredients that you aren’t able to pronounce, but Holistick is here to bring clean formulations that are good for your skin and good for the environment.

Facial oils can seem like a step that isn’t necessary in your routine, but what if we told you they had many more benefits other than glowing skin? 

Holistick’s Bulan and Matahari Botanical Facial Oils are a unique blend of natural oils that work together to lock in moisturize and target many skin issues like aging, hyperpigmentation and inflammation. If that doesn’t totally sell you, here are five reasons why you should incorporate Bulan and Matahari into your skincare routine.

1. They’re multitaskers

Generally, facial oils are used to add an extra boost to parched skin and to give you that “I woke up like this” glow. The best time to use oils is when your skin is still damp after cleansing or applying a water-based serum/moisturizer to lock in the hydration. While you’ll definitely get that plumping effect with Holistick’s botanical oils, you get added benefits of combating other skin issues. 

girl washing hand in a bowl about to use facial oils

Bulan’s rich and nourishing formula can help with eczema, inflammation and even help balance oily skin. Yes oily skin types, you can use this! It is safe for all skin types whether you have dry, oily, acne-prone, sensitive or combination skin. It’s best used during your nighttime skincare routine to lock in moisture overnight so you can wake up refreshed and still hydrated. 

Matahari’s blend of natural ingredients soothes skin, evens out skin tone and reduces the appearance of fine lines and blemishes. This results in some bright and happy skin! This oil is best for morning skincare routines to prep your skin for the day ahead. It has a velvety soft texture that gives you a dewy, make-up-less glow.

Plus, who says facial oils are only for the face? Run a couple drops of Matahari through your hair for an extra shiny, no flyaways finish!

2. They have skin-loving ingredients

 What gives Holistick’s Botanical Oils such amazing results? Amazing ingredients. They feature blue tansy in Bulan and prickly pear in Matahari because of their natural skin-loving benefits.

Blue tansy is a flower native to Morocco, loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. Because of this, the oil is great for repairing damaged skin, whether it’s from sun damage or dry and cracked skin, by soothing it and promoting skin reparation. Say goodbye to dry, dull skin and say hello to a happy, rejuvenated glow! This powerful flower is what gives Bulan its signature ocean blue color.

yellow, fluffy flowers with green foliage

 Prickly Pear, or Opuntia, is a type of cactus fruit that naturally grows in desert conditions and is super nutrient-rich. While it can be a sweet treat on its own, when made into an oil it has great benefits for those with mature, lacklustre or dry skin. Prickly Pear is a luxurious oil that is loaded with antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-aging properties. It has one of the most powerful and unique plant compositions to keep your skin looking youthful. You want to age gracefully? This is your oil. To top it off, it boosts your skin’s water-retention capacity, so you’re hydrated all day. 

a bunch of prickly pear cactus laying together

3. Sustainably sourced and non-comedogenic 

Holistick is dedicated to making products that are natural and healthy. Sourcing cruelty-free ingredients and plant-based formulas are at the core of every product. With that in mind, you can be sure your face and body will love it as much as we do. 

Both Bulan and Matahari are formulated without filler oils. No petroleum-based, mineral, synthetic or heavy oils clogging up the pores. With that, the oils are 100% plant-based, so the ingredient lists are items you can actually pronounce the names of. Skin-loving, high-end ingredients like organic prickly pear, blue tansy, helichrysum, passionfruit, pomegranate, camellia, aloe, rosehip and jojoba are used to give Holistick’s Botanical Oils their unique formulations. Your skin will thank you!

4. They are the perfect post-spa treatment

We love a good spa day. And so does your body! Spa treatments have been known to improve many health aspects of your mind and body. It can reduce stress due to the calming nature of spa environments and the various treatments you get. Seeing your esthetician for regular facials is also a fantastic way to maintain your healthy skin and learn more about new skincare products. Body treatments can help relax your body, stimulate lymph flow and reduce toxins in your body.

While you treat your mind and body, keep the same energy for your skin!

girl placing both hands on her face with eyes closed

Bulan and Matahari are the perfect occlusive for sealing in serums and other skincare products. After a facial or body scrub, putting one of these botanical oils on your face or body will help soothe the area and lock in moisture, allowing for your glow to stay even longer. Simply apply a few drops to your face or hands and rub gently in an upward motion. It is the perfect way to continue your self-care day at home.

5. There are size options available

Not totally convinced to incorporate a facial oil into your routine? Not a problem! Both Bulan and Matahari come in adorable mini sizes so you can try it out and see if it works for you.  

holistick facial oils on a book

Having a trial size is helpful when deciding if an item is right for your skin. If it works and you love it, you can upgrade to the full size. If not, you don’t have a bottle of wasted product. Minis are also great for travelling (when we can!) so you don’t have to sacrifice skincare over room in your suitcase. 

When it comes to treating yourself, keep your skin in mind. Using clean, sustainable products with ingredients that you can find naturally will keep your skin happy. While you treat your mind and body to a day at the spa, treat your skin long-term with Bulan and Matahari and their various benefits. Be your own glow goals and have these power player oils to thank for it!

By: Kristin Bateman

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