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Free Nourishing Skincare Samples - Nusa Holistick

Free Nourishing Skincare Samples

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Try our best-selling nourishing skincare in these 3 samples now - includes Bulan Nourishing Facial Oil, Matahari Youthful Facial Oil and the Daily Restorative Cleansing Oil.

Bulan Nourishing Facial Oil Benefits (p.m routine):

  • rich in antioxidants like vitamin A, C, E and K
  • deeply moisturizing, locks in hydration, and keeps the skin supple and smooth
  • replenishes skin almost immediately after use, keeps it nourished and healthy

Matahari Youthful Facial Oil Benefits (a.m routine):

  • features rare botanicals that are renowned for its anti-aging protection
  • brightens skin, evens out skin tone, gives you an instant glow
  • promotes cell turnover and supports healthy skin regeneration

Daily Restorative Cleansing Oil Benefits (a.m or p.m):

  • start your cleanse on dry skin, effectively removes make-up, impurities, sunscreen and dirt
  • rinse with water and experience an instantly rejuvenated skin barrier
  • softens skin, improves texture, slowly removes dead skin cells for a truly clean canvas

Includes: one 3ml Bulan Facial oil sample, one 3ml Matahari Facial oil sample, one 3ml Daily Restorative Cleansing oil sample.

Free samples for a limited time only.

Shipping is not included, but you will receive a $7USD credit towards your next purchase.

While supplies last. A limited of one set of samples per order.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 202 reviews

Amazing facial oil!!

Shani Gann
Love this!

I’ve been using this oil for about a year now, and will definitely continue to keep this in my skin care routine. My skin has never looked better. I also apply this before I use my guasha. I highly recommend it. Also, just for reference, I’m 53. :)

Love it!

I just started using these oils after I got a facial and was given samples of it. I’ve always been nervous to use oil on my skin that would break out and clog my pores. I couldn’t have been more wrong. My skin feels dewy, more even, not greasy but not dry in these winter months, and brighter. I ended up buying the large duo set of the oils and I use them morning and night daily. My two teenage boys are asking if I can apply it to there face too some mornings because they feel so dry in the winter:) I don’t know how I’m going to live without this oil!

Wow Love these!!!

I got the sample pack and I’m blow away by these oils! The feel so amazing and smell better than that! I am so glad I got to try these for sure will be buying a set!! Highly recommend!

Katie B.

Such a luxurious oil! Love & will be buying again